The purpose of this test data is to test block changes across WordPress versions and Gutenberg versions. It is a complement to the other theme test data files.

A use case would be when you want to test the typography options of a block, and you don’t want to spend time adding the blocks and changing all the settings manually.

The blocks were generated using WordPress 6.4.3 with a block theme with the most permissive theme.json settings possible. All presets are the defaults: Colors, duotones, font sizes, spacing sizes, shadows, width etc.

  • Each block has its own post, and is listed under its category: Design, Theme, Widget etc.
  • Inner blocks such as the column, button, and comment blocks do not have their own posts.
  • Blocks that support borders have a tag called «Border».

Setting up

Download the file, activate the WordPress importer plugin and import the file.

  • If you want to test the Author Biography block, you need to manually add a biography to the «theme reviewer» user.
  • If you want to test the template only blocks, such as archive title, you need to add these manually to a template.

Tips for testing

When you use block themes with different settings and templates, or a classic theme, you may find that not everything works as you expected. This is not necessarily a bug with the block, the theme, or the test file. If you suspect that there are bugs, it will require further testing.

For example:

  • If your theme does not have a spacing preset called «7», then spacing preset 7 will not work in your theme.
  • If your theme does not support drop cap you will not be able to turn drop cap off and on.
  • If the content block in your single template is not set to full width, then a full width block will not span the full width of the browser window.

What’s not included

  • Experimental blocks
    • Forms
    • Time to read
    • Table of contents
  • Every embed block
  • Template only blocks
    • Archive and search title
    • Term description
    • Comment count
    • Comments link

What it is not intended for

Testing font families. No font families were included in this test, only default presets were used.

  • Testing blocks on WordPress versions below 6.4.3
  • Accessibility testing
  • Testing private or scheduled posts, long titles, posts with many categories, etc.

How you can help

You can help by reporting bugs, writing documentation, requesting features and submitting updates in the GitHub repository: